Tuesday, June 12, 2012

ICF Home Testimonial

ICF Home Under Construction Survives Hurricane Katrina The Sundberg's home construction was 85% complete, when hurricane Katrina slammed into the area on August 29 with a huge storm surge and reported sustained winds from 125mph. The water reached an elevation of 28 feet. After the winds died down and the water retreated to the Gulf of Mexico, the Sundberg's found their home had survived the storm largely intact, with some blown out windows, and missing upstairs panels. Now they are focusing their efforts on finishing the building before the next storm strikes... They will certainly be prepared. To view and amazing ICF home in Nashville that is currently for sale, please visit www.nashvillesafehome.info Nick Woodard www.nickwoodard.com nick@nickwoodard.com 615.566.9839

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