Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More on ICF Homes

People everywhere are raving about ICF homes… why? Once you have lived in an ICF home, you will undoubtedly never dream of going back to the flimsiness of a wood-framed house. The difference in quality is like comparing a Mercedes to a Kia. There are so many more reasons not to settle for just any home. You will enjoy: A high quality and energy efficient home. A sound resistant home. Lower utility bills. No drafts or cold spots. High fire resistance. Healthy air environment. Tornado resistance. No mold, rot or decay. Lower insurance premiums. Higher resale value than your neighbor's house. If you are interested in a beautiful ICF home in Nashville, please check out our link: www.nashvillesafehome.info God Bless Nick Woodard Realtor www.nickwoodard.com nwoodard2@hotmail.com 615.566.9839

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